First Female President for Fresno City College

Fresno, CA, USA "It just goes to show the opportunities that women have these days." "When I was in college our options were becoming a teacher or a nurse and now the doors are open so women can be anything they want to be," said Dr. Cynthia Azari.

Dr. Cynthia Azari comes from Pennsylvania where she served as president of a community college for four years. She knows she's walking into a situation where the state is strapped for money and education is facing deep funding cuts. Even so, enrollment at FCC is up 8% since last semester ... that's more than 25,000 students ... and to compare Fresno State has 22,000.

"We are seeing wait lists and we want to try to accommodate as many students as possible."

Azari says there are plans for the influx of students. Including a multi-million dollar renovation of the original adminstration building, re-opening in 2010. "We're also increasing our distance education so that when you have a class that's offered on line you don't need a classroom," said Dr. Cynthia Azari.

State Center Board of Trustee President Ron Feaver said so far, they haven't had to slash anything.

Ron Feaver said, "We haven't cut any staff and that's always our goal is to not cut staff so we don't have to cut too many classes."

But Chancellor Dr. Tom Crow warned that may change. "Oh certainly we're going to have some cuts." "Virtually, when you get into the cuts of the level we think will be coming nothing is sacred anymore," said Dr. Tom Crow.


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