Terrorists part of Pakistani Militant Group

National News Shops are reopening, the city, trying to come back to life. Authorities closed the Leopold a short time later. It is still a crime scene the investigations have only just begun. At the Taj Mahal Hotel - where more than 100 were massacred - the last bodies were taken away...and a memorial was held outside. Indians are mournful, but they're also angry and they are calling for revenge.

Bharat Raut of the Indian parliament said, "When it is war, then you should behave like war, enemies are enemies and enemies should be killed."

People here said this attack has torn at the fabric of this society, and said they want revenge. And in general, they point the blame in one direction: Pakistan. Today Indian Police said the gunmen were all from a banned Pakistani terror group.

In Washington, Pakistan's ambassador responded to charges that his country harbored the terrorists. "The important thing is that the state of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan, the military of Pakistan, and Pakistan's intelligence services are not in any way involved in these attacks," Husain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S. said.

The Indian Prime Minister announced new measures to tighten security today, increasing the size of India's commando force all the while trying to assure a nervous country, "we share the hurt of the people and their sense of anger and outrage . Several measures are already in place to deal with the situation. But clearly much more needs to be done," Manmohan singh, Indian prime minister said.

And much more time needs to pass before these scars can heal.


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