Recession-Proof Jobs in the Valley

Fresno, CA, USA The unemployment rate rose to 6.7% in November, and economists are predicting it could soar as high as 10% before skittish employers begin hiring again. Even though there really is no such thing as a recession-proof job certain fields are continual demanding workers.

Fresno State kinesiology graduate Matt Seyer is looking for a job. He's one of the more than half a million people across the U.S. who lost their job in November.

"It seems that the layoffs and everything that is going on nobody really wants to expand and hire more people on to their workforce," said Seyer.

While many businesses are forced to let go of employees to deal with the current recession some are always looking for qualified individuals.

"Our website is one of the most popular places on the city's website our job site," said Terry Bond.

Bond is the director of personnel services for the city of Fresno. She said there are always positions open for police officers, administrative assistants and bus drivers to name a few. Bond said most of the 3,800 people employed by the city are holding tight to their jobs.

"I think their sticking in their current positions and not moving around as much and therefore aren't creating those vacancies," said Bond.

The educational field is always popular during tough economic times. Jobs in teaching, psychological counseling, and food management are almost always available.

"I definitely agree there're some long term opportunities for people in education," said Clovis Unified's Kelly Avants.

Until the right job comes along, economist Rufus Waters said don't be afraid to take work where you can find it.

"It maybe necessary to take temporary work in the short run to get you through till the next ... because there will be ... unless we do something really silly there will be another upturn," said Waters.

Beginning your search for many of these jobs is usually only a mouse click away on the Internet. There are also groups like work force connection at Manchester center in Fresno who specialize in job placement.


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