Laughter Yoga

Fresno, CA, USA It's called laughter yoga!

The class combines yoga breathing with laughing exercises. There are no jokes, the laughter is induced.

"The body does not know the difference, if it's fake laughter or real laughter," said Yoga Instructor Edely Wallace.

And once you start … It's contagious!

Instructor Edely Wallace trained with the man who discovered the concept, renowned physician Madan Kataria. His mission: to make people laugh more. "Children laugh from 300-400 times a day. When we grow older, we laugh 15-20 times a day, so we have lost this ability to laugh."

Studies show yoga improves balance, flexibility and muscle tone. The simple act of laughing improves blood flow, boosts the immune system, helps control blood pressure and reduces pain by releasing endorphins. Put them together, and you've got a workout.

And one thing's for sure … you won't go home without a smile on your face!


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