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Fresno, CA, USA The SPCA in Fresno gets hundreds of stray dogs and cats every first of the year-- animals who run off, scared of the loud noises. And it looks like this year is no exception.

Dave Collins and his daughter Diane hope someone has seen Chester-- their Airedale terrier who went missing last night.

"We were gone at the time and we came home and normally he's scratching at the door and we couldn't find him anywhere and we saw the fence busted down, so..." said Dave Collins.

So, they came to the SPCA.

Diane Collins said, "I'm kind of hoping that somebody snatched him, maybe they'll turn him back in-- or maybe they just kept him, I just hope he didn't get run over or anything."

This is the shelter's busiest time of year. Last January first and second, 259 lost animals were dropped off.

Stephen Goode of the Fresno SPCA said, "They run over fences, thru fences, get out of gates any way they can to try to escape the noise and when they do get out they run and they run far."

Bill Kuebler found a Chihuahua terrier mix near his home in the tower district.

"She was scared and shivering-- she was cold, but we let her in and she spent the night with us and our four dogs." Kuebler said.

Shelter staff immediately check to see if the dog is micro chipped... Less than 10% of pets are, making it difficult to find their owners.

Goode said, "If they don't have a microchip or something on their dog-- then how do we know it's yours? So I just want to encourage everyone to have some kind of id because that can be your passport home."

Sharon Biswall's 10 year old Bassett hound has no tags, no chip... and is no where to be found.

"He's never gotten out on his own, so I'm worried about him, but he's a love bug, so hopefully somebody has him in their house." Biswall said.

She's hopeful he's somewhere in their northeast Fresno neighborhood. When she gets him home, she already knows the first thing she'll do. "Oh yeah, he'll get a microchip immediately."

The SPCA recommends bringing your pets indoors on the fourth of July and New Years Eve. If your dog or cat goes missing-- they say go to the SPCA first; they have the resources to help you find your pet. They also post pictures of strays on several websites.

for more information on locating your lost pets, check:
Central California SCPA


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