Local Gaza Reactions

Fresno, CA, USA It's been a nightmare for people here in the Valley that have family members in both Israel and Gaza.

Vic Rosenthal doesn't usually wait by the phone on Sabbath. Today is an exception. He's hoping to hear from his son Judah, an Israeli soldier who could soon be on his way to Gaza.

As the Rosenthal's wait for answers, people who support Fresno's growing Muslim community are asking questions.

Last night, Dan Vaseen of the Group Peace Fresno, organized a demonstration condemning Israel for their part in Gaza's demise.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has divided the Muslim and Jewish communities. Sudarshan Kapoor, a retired Fresno State professor of the peace and conflict studies program, said fighting is not the answer.

Peace is what people here ultimately hope for. But, some say, it won't prevail without a fight.

The Rosenthal's said they will call their son Sunday to get an update. Meanwhile, peace Fresno is having another demonstration on Friday to protest the conflict in Gaza.


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