Consumer Reports Looks for the Best Colombian Coffee

Consumer Watch There's nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to start your day. So who's got the best bean?

Consumer reports tested 19 ground coffees from familiar names like Folgers and Maxwell House, to much pricier ones from companies like Starbucks and Caribou.

For regular coffee, testers used this machine to analyze just how much caffeine each contains.

Turns out, some had almost four times as much as other coffees. Two boutique coffees - Caribou and Bucks County had the most caffeine.

To check for taste, Consumer Reports' experts spent weeks brewing … smelling … and sipping coffee to find the best.

It turns out; buying 100 percent Colombian doesn't guarantee you'll get great taste.

Take, for example, the 100 percent Colombian from Folgers Coffee House Series, the medium dark roast.

Ellen Klosz of Consumer Reports said, "It tasted of wet wood like a Popsicle stick and cardboard."

And buying pricier coffee doesn't always guarantee quality either.

Klosz added, "Our tasters found some boutique coffees like Starbucks and Peet's tasted burnt and bitter."

But testers did find a very good coffee that was among the least expensive. It's the Eight O'clock coffee 100 percent Colombian.

"It was even good enough to drink black." Said Klosz.

And at six dollars per pound, the money you can save may make a cup taste even better!

Consumer Reports also tested decaf coffees, but none tasted as good as the best caffeinated coffees.

For the best combination of taste and price, Consumer Reports recommends Folgers gourmet selections lively Colombian decaf medium roast.


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