Exhibitors Prep For 2009 Ag Expo

Tulare, CA, USA This year farmers are counting on special tools to survive this bad economy.

Presentation is everything. Especially when dressing up farming equipment for the 42nd annual Ag Expo in Tulare.

"This is the world's largest ag show," said exhibitor Don Mayo.

Mayo and his orhcard tree shakers have been a fixture at the expo since 1967. Mayo has seen economic slumps before that is why he adjusted the manufacturing of his products to compensate for declining sales. "We've watched the almond thing cycle at least 5 or 6 times now and we'll get through it," he said.

Farmers rely on technology to manage through the tough economy. There's even one company that said they have a better way to disperse water in fields.

"You have your pump right here. The water travels through here. Afterwards the water travels out to the soil," said second generation farmer Jerry Rai from Selma.

Rai has one of the top ten new products at this year's expo. Rai claimed this 400 pound self-powered unit improves water irrigation by 30%. "As that water travels through hits the soil it opens the soil up. Through opening the soil up we're allowing better water infiltration, percolation," he said.

Rai will be busy explaining his product. 1700 other companies will vie for attention too with the latest in tech-wizardry and ba-hemoth sized machines.

"We're anticipating business as usual here," said communications director Steven Knudsen. Knudsen said expo officials anticipate several thousand people will visit this 3-day event and help pump millions of dollars into the Tulare economy. "We get about one-point-six billion dollars to our local economy from Bakersfield all the way up to Madera," he said.

That is why Rai is putting the final touches on his display and Mayo is cleaning up his exhibit space… to make a good first impression on cost-conscious farmer.


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