Green Tech at World Ag Expo in Tulare

Fresno, CA, USA Some local dairy farmers are showing off how they're turning cow manure into money. Instead of diesel-powered milk delivery trucks the Hilarides Dairy in Lindsay uses cow power. The dairy installed a million-dollar plant to turn manure into bio-fuel.

Bio Energy Solutions is another company that turns cow manure into natural gas that it sells back to PG&E. Over 120 local dairies have signed up to take part in this first-of-its-kind program.

"You know I have to pinch myself every day that we're in this wonderful industry. Because the dairymen have a new revenue source, they have an environmental improvement project on their dairy, and the utilities are meeting the state mandates to have renewable power, all of us have cleaner air. It's just really a win-win situation," said David Alpers with Bio Energy Solutions.

"We had more gas than we needed and since we have a truck fleet, I was thinking if we could purify that gas, we could replace a portion of the diesel we use to haul our products," said Rob Hilarides with Hilarides Dairy.

1,600 exhibitors are making their final preparations for the world's largest Ag show. Close to 100,000 people will visit this three-day event that kicks off Tuesday.


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