Producers offer SAG final contract

LOS ANGELES The contract covering motion picture and television production expired in June.

Talks broke down when /*SAG*/ demanded better terms than several other unions that have agreed to long-term contracts. The main sticking points were compensation for programming made for the Internet and DVD sales.

Since the last round of negotiations in November, SAG fired its chief negotiator and elected a more moderate board.

According to the /*Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers*/, their latest offer represents a $250 million increase over the now expired contract. They released a statement that said the offer was their "last, best and final offer."

"The AMPTP made these enhancements in an effort to conclude the AMPTP's sixth major labor agreement in the past year. The terms in the offer are the best we can or will offer in light of the five other major industry labor deals negotiated over the past year and the extraordinary economic crisis gripping the world economy," the statement said.

AMPTP also said the offer provides residuals for several kinds of Internet programming, though it was unclear whether it specifically addressed the guild's demands.

SAG has not commented on the latest offer. The producers said they will leave the offer on the table for 60 days. Afterward they reserve the right to modify or withdraw the offer.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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