KIPP Academy's Future May Be in Jeopardy

Fresno, CA, USA A letter sent to parents outlines details that KIPP Academy may have to close its doors. KIPP is the second highest performing middle school in Fresno so many parents are asking the question ... why?

Chants and protests over the resignation of KIPP Academy's former principal Chi Tschang have quieted.

Now Tschang is addressing accusations like slamming a student into a wall, and making another put a garbage can on his head by saying these allegations and others made in this 63 paged report from Fresno Unified are not true. In his letter to parents he said quote ... "Particularly the hurtful ones involving hitting, dropping, shoving or making racially derogatory comments towards kids. What is characterized as "fact" is merely rumor, mistruth or exaggeration, none of which are confirmed by evidence."

Tschang has officially been replaced but KIPP Academy Fresno is facing a much larger problem than a change in administration. The school building is now in foreclosure.

Steve Mancini says on January 12th the school received a letter of default from the building lender giving them 90 days to make their payments current.

He says but in order to do that KIPP Academy needs a letter of good standing from Fresno Unified. With the letter KIPP Academy is eligible to apply for a $5 million dollar loan-grant package from the state.


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