Peaceful End to S.W.A.T. Standoff

Fresno, CA, USA Several families were evacuated.

Investigators believe a shooting moments before led to Marco Masqueda hiding out in his house.

"Stay in your house. We have an armed suspect in a house," proclaimed Fresno police.

Police completely locked down this Southwest Fresno neighborhood Sunday morning. All guns were pointed at this house where investigators say 20-year old Marco Masqueda was inside.

"This is the Fresno police department. We need you to come out with your hands up," shouted detectives.

After 5½ hours the suspect surrendered.

"We were making contact with the suspect this whole time by phone and he did come out very peacefully," said Cynthia Valdez with the Fresno Police.

Valdez said at 9:30 am a man in his early 40's was blasted by a shotgun at this abandoned 'Super Burger' shack. Witnesses said they saw the shooter--a man in his early 20's, run into this house a block away.

"Get a jacket. Get what you need. We got to get you out of here," a police officer whispered loudly to Junior Williams and his 6 children.

The Williams family received an armed escort from their house to safety.

"It's stressful. My kids are out here and they just anxious to get back in the house," said Williams.

Williams said he's friends with Masqueda and never imagined he could be tied to a shooting. Other neighbors said the young man was friendly.

Shirley Avina: "He was a good kid out of the crowd. He was the good kid."

But for the suspect's family the stand off was too much. The grandmother, a diabetic, was taken to the hospital for care. After staging for nearly 6 hours swat was told to stand down. The suspect surrendered and residents were finally allowed to go home.

The victim who was shot at the 'Burger Shack' was not seriously injured. Investigators said Masqueda is also wanted for questioning in a prior shooting.


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