Bizarre Comment Leads to Body in Calwa

Fresno, CA Investigators believe the suspect stayed at the crime scene for several hours, just yards away from his dead brother.

Neighbors Monday told Action news the siblings had been known to fight, but they never thought one of their scuffles would end like this.

The trailer where Edward Waugh lived with his brother is boarded up. But neighbors said what happened inside is still the talk of the Calwa neighborhood.

Last Thursday neighbors said the suspect, Roy Williams, returned home from the store and then made a stunning comment.

"We were all sitting out front and Roy came over there. He went in the trailer first and then he came over there and said I think Edward is dead. And we said to him, what'd you say and he said I think my brother Edward is dead," said neighbor Sadie Fiumara.

Then he asked them to call for help. They did after looking in the trailer and seeing the victim face down and bleeding. "They fought before and if we tried to help them out they'll say leave us alone, that's my brother, dah, dah, dah so we can't do nothing. It was very tragic. It was very scary but we didn't think he was really going to kill him and finally he did," said Neighbor Christina Walker.

Sheriff's investigators are holding Williams for resisting arrest, but he will likely face charges of murder in the coming days. Deputies do not know how much either or both had to drink before the event.

"I do know that both were habitual drunks and had a lot of contacts with law enforcement in the Calwa area over the past several years, so I don't know what his state of intoxication was at the time if you will," said Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department.

Neighbors said before dawn Thursday they heard arguing, but didn't think much of it. "All the lights were on in the trailer. They had the window open before they were like this and I could hear them arguing and yelling and I could hear Edward yelling Roy leave me alone, Roy leave me alone please leave me alone," said Fiumara.

Days before his death Waugh had other visible injuries on his face and arms believed to be from previous fights with Williams. Neighbors said they asked him about the wounds and he said they were from his brother.

An autopsy has been completed. The coroner's office told Action News the cause of death is blunt force trauma. Sheriff's investigators will not say whether a weapon was used.

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