Coupon Queen Visits Fresno

Fresno, CA A self-proclaimed "coupon queen" is on a nationwide mission, to teach people how to save big on their next trip to the grocery store.

On a recent stop in Fresno, Susan Samtur didn't disappoint.

Action News Reporter Shannon Handy went shopping with her to learn how you can get hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for just a few bucks. "I found they had this for 25 cents a box, the macaroni and cheese, which is great, then they have this bread, 2 for 3 dollars, with the 7 grain and all that, so that's a good buy." said Susan Samtur, Bargain Hunter

You could call Susan Samtur a bargain hunter, but, she'd rather be called the coupon queen.

Samtur, a retired New York school teacher has been clipping coupons for more than 30 years, saving tens of thousands of dollars along the way: "And so I started in 1973, and I've been doing it ever since. I got better at it because I learned more things along the way, then I needed to do it more because I had four kids, so it became very expensive."

On a recent shopping trip, Samtur showed us the method to her madness.

First, she checks out discount flyers most stores put out once a week. She then combines those deals with coupons she collects and organizes them into categories. Samtur says in addition to clipping coupons, there are other ways to save. She suggests taking advantage of deals that are already on the package, buying items that will give you more for less,

"See here's another one that has 25 percent more free on the package, and sending in rebate forms, which can really add up. The cash refunds total about 200 dollars a month for me." Said Susan Samtur

After spending about an hour at the store, we wanted to see if Samtur really does live up to her name. Without coupons, her grocery bill totaled $174.39. But after handing over her coupons, her final bill was $6.76, a savings of 96 percent! Coupon queen indeed.

"A good use of coupons, store sales and planning. You really must plan before you start your shopping trip." Said Susan Samtur

If you would like to save big on your next grocery run, samtur has set up a website to show you how.

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