Special Election May 19th

Washington Arnold Schwarzenegger, California governor said, "I can promise you that when I go to Sacramento, I will pump up Sacramento."

Now he's turning into the bad guy, Mr. Freeze from "batman and robin."

"If those initiatives fail, then there will be Billions of dollars less, so people should be aware of that." Arnold Schwarzenegger said.

On May 19, California will hold a special election to vote on six propositions. They call for tough choices, spending cuts, tax hikes, borrowing from state lottery profits. The measures were put on the ballot by the Governor and the leaders of the State legislature.

Gray Davis. Former California Governor said "You have two Conservative Republicans, two Liberal Democrats, and a centrist Governor that came up with something bipartisan. The test is for California voters who consciously say they want bipartisanship is to see whether they mean it."

A new poll shows five of the six measures going down to defeat. "There will have to be additional cuts made, if it is in fire, law enforcement, in health care, if it is in education." Said Arnold Schwarzenegger

Only one proposition seems likely to pass, the one that prohibits a pay raise for elected officials if the state is running a deficit.

Are the voters scared?

"We may not be able to convince the public this time that the wolf is at the door because we have cried wolf so many times. But trust me, when the door bell rings, it will be the wolf." Said Gray Davis. Former California Governor.

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