Angels & Demons Causing Serious Controversy

Movie goers are excited about the controversial film "Angels & Demons" that hits theatres Friday.

Victoria Waller, moviegoer said, "And I love it. They're fantasy and they're action and they get you out of your head and into wonderful times."

But some film enthusiasts are in for a big surprise.

A small group of protesters across the country plans to interrupt the film at various points from inside random theatres because they don't agree with the message of the movie based on the book by Dan Brown.

Mark Dice, organizing protest said, "Dan Brown spins it to make everybody think it's a conspiracy theory, the figment of the conspiracy theorists. The illuminati have very real implications on everybody's lives."

Mark dice is founder of "the resistance" a Christian group that contends the movie is a fraud, aimed at covering up the existence of a secret society called the illuminati.

"The illuminati is a real, mafia organization that is operating today. Many would say that the illuminati were instrumental in insuring that the 9/11 attacks happened, that they are behind the banking collapse that everybody is facing." Said mark dice.

Jonathan Hannassab, moviegoer said, "I think that's a lot of, like, nonsense. That's kind of outrageous how they would say that. Personally, i would say that's insane."

The film, starring tom hanks, is a prequel to "The DaVinci code".

In "Angels and Demons", Hanks character uncovers the mystery of the illuminati's secret society.

Sony released this statement today, saying "We believe audiences will enjoy 'Angels and Demons' for what it is, an exciting, fictional mystery thriller."

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