Obama's Same-Sex Policy

Fresno, CA President Obama vowed to be a champion of same-sex rights. But his words are not getting a warm embrace by many in California who voted to ban same sex marriage. And some in the gay community are also upset with the Obama administration.

Members of the gay and lesbian community cheered as President Obama made history Monday, becoming the first sitting president to recognize gay pride month during a White House reception.

Obama's words still don't sit well with some frustrated gay rights groups, including those here in the Central Valley.

Michael Esswein is a political science student who is also gay. He says now Obama must prove he can back up his talk by taking more initiative involving equality issues.

Michael Esswein said, "To say that he promises he'll repeal don't ask don't tell, or doma, but now it's gotta be action. His policy council, it's gotta be his chief of staff getting to congress saying this is what we have to do."

Some heterosexuals who support gay rights are also critical of the president's pace on major issues.

Kelli Glazebrook said, "We were a little disappointed, a lot of us in the community to hear that although he said he's still our friend and supporter, that he was not going to take definite action. He kinda put the blame on congress, he kinda deferred it and we would really like to see him take the lead on this."

Pastor Jim Franklin, who supports marriage between only a man and a woman, says he's not surprised the president made the move. He feels Obama buckled under pressure.

Pastor Franklin said, "I'm not asking for him to be a champion for gay rights, I'm asking him to be the president of the United States and uphold the laws as the president of the United States, that's what we elect him to do, not to talk the interests of special interest groups."

Some critics say while Obama may have made earned a lot of support, a few conservative groups say he has also alienated those Americans who believe in traditional marriage.

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