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In today's competitive job market, people looking for work are in good company-- and lots of it.

David Martin has been unemployed for five months. "The last job that I applied for, when I went in for the interview, the owner told me that I was one of 380 applicants that they received."

So the question David Martin, Sandra Goodsoodian and Ken Garcia are asking is-- How do you impress a potential employer?

"I've been going to interviews and sending out resumes," says Ken Garcia who was laid off from his machinist job 5 months ago. "I've been getting some feedback, but it is tough."

"A lot people don't know exactly what the employer is thinking" says Mary Beth Winn, "so we want to let them know so they can be prepared when the interview comes."

Winn is the Workforce Readiness Director at Fresno City College and chair of an upcoming job boot camp put on by the Human Resource Association of Central California. "It's very, very competitive, but you have to be the best. You have to be on top and you need to know what you are up against. And you have to play ur best game."

Participants will attend three workshops focused on their desired career interests, including resume-writing, interview preparation, and even re-inventing oneself for a new career.

"Every time I think I found that new way to make myself 'wow' that employer, its maybe not the 'wow' they need," says Goodsoodian. "So when I saw this boot camp opportunity I thought, maybe they have that answer that I keep missing out on."

Martin has been an accountant for close to twenty years ... but is open to something new. "There's more out there. Maybe I am good in manufacturing, maybe I'm good at construction -- and how would I know that if I didn't go and at least test the waters"

Participants will select one of 12 different industries like manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, or education and hear from experts in that field.

Out of work for nine months-- Sandra is now excited for the opportunity.

"I get up every morning with a positive feeling that I am going to find that job and when I do, I'm going to have a wonderful life."

The Job Prep Boot Camp is open to everyone who's out of work. It'll take place Saturday, August 8th at the Fresno City College Theater. Seating is limited-- so make sure to register by the deadline, August 3rd.

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