Health Reform Critics Voice Opinions in Town Hall Meetings

Washington At town hall meetings across the country, talk of health care reform is leading to high blood pressure and hurt feelings.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri: "I don't understand this rudeness. What is this? I don't get it. I honestly don't get it. Do you think you're persuading people when you shout out like that?"

Democrats trying to explain their push for health care overhaul are getting plenty of push-back.

At Sen. Specter's (D) town hall meeting in Pennsylvania, one participant said: "One day god's gonna stand before you and he's gonna judge you."

Specter replied: "We've just had a demonstration of democracy. Okay."

In Oklahoma, one man who voiced support for reform was booed by the crowd.

In fact, one of the few people getting positive public feedback to health care change is the President. He took his plan to New Hampshire yesterday. Though protestors gathered outside, inside he faced a supportive crowd.

President Barack Obama: "Insurance companies will be prohibited from denying coverage because of a person's medical history. Period. They will not be able to drop your coverage if you get sick."

Some Democrats accuse conservative groups of orchestrating the fury. President Obama calls the demonstrations democracy in action. Whatever the case, the debate continues across the country, while health care reform waits in Washington.

President Obama plans two more health care town hall meetings this week. The first TV ads critical of Democrats' plan begin airing today 20 states.

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