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Fresno, CA For more than three hours, Tulare County leaders got briefed by US Census Officials on how they can help ensure all their residents are counted next year. The US Census is performed every ten years and the government has made filling out the form easier than ever.

Ditas katague, Governor's Dir. Of census 2010 said: "Really there's only 10 questions this time around they won't be asking any financial information, they won't be asking your legal status".

Census officials are worried that people who live in rural areas, like here in Tipton, won't fill out the census form or know what it is, especially if there's a language barrier.

Miguel Guerrer, Tipton Elementary School District said: "Non English speakers and obviously they're going to be a little hesitant for someone knocking on their door that looks a little formal".

But overcoming that hesitation is critical. All kinds of federal programs distribute their money based on census figures, including "title one" which provides funding for schools in disadvantaged areas.

If people in communities like Tipton fail to fill out census forms, they'll get less money. At Thursday's meeting, people suggested schools or churches join in the outreach effort.

Antoinette Adkins, from Tipton said: "The school probably is the best just because they'll be more comfortable and some of the people probably can't read and you know at the school someone would I'm sure be explaining things".

Cutler-Orosi Schools Superintedent Carolyn Kehrli hopes with the help of local community groups, those who don't live in homes will also be accounted for.

Carolyn Kehrli, Cutler-Orosi School District said: "I'm concerned how do we reach the people living under the bridge, how do we reach the families that are living in cars the people that are living in the sheds out behind the houses."

People should expect to get their 2010 census form in the mail in March of next year. The information you fill out will remain confidential.

The US Census Bureau expects to hire several thousand local workers to help them facilitate the census in their communities.
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For more information about the 2010 Census, you can log onto or call the US Census Bureau Regional Office in
Los Angeles: (818) 717-6700


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