Afghan Refugee Offers His Perspective on the War

Fresno, CA Selling cars in Fresno has been Shafi Shirzad's profession since leaving Afghanistan 28 years ago. Shirzad looks at his family's pictures whenever he misses his country. He believes the United States can make a big impact without sending more troops. Shirzad said, "They should go back to Afghanistan right now and solve the election problem up to this date the country still doesn't know who the president elect is."

It was October 7, 2001 when the war in Afghanistan began. Eight years later, the Taliban has regained its strength. Violence against us and NATO troops and civilians is at its peak. President Barack Obama must now decide the way forward- more troops or scale back? Yesterday, the President met with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders. Democratic Senator Harry Reid said, "It's very clear that the president's headed in the right direction: strategy before resources. That was the discussion time after time in that meeting."

If the president decides to send up to 40 thousand more troops, Shirzad makes a prediction, "But it will not bring a permanent stability. The minute the troops are out of the area that area will go back to its old thing." Shirzad hopes to return home the day peace reigns in Afghanistan.

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