House passes health care reform bill

Lawmakers spent all Saturday debating this health care bill.

The vote was close.

And although two valley congressmen voted in favor of the bill--they said that's no indication if they'll accept its final draft.

The House of Representatives, meeting in a rare, late night session, passed a health care reform bill, but just barely, 220 to 215.

Saturday's vote is a crucial victory for the Obama administration.

President Obama said, "This bill is change that the American people urgently need."

Valley Congressman Devin Nunes was among those republicans who voted against the bill. He said it will cost Americans Trillions of dollars in hidden debt. "This congress is so irresponsible, so reckless, it's like watching a broke, drunk gambler continuing to double down just trying to break even, vote no."

Meanwhile, other valley Congressmen, who once stood in the middle of this health care issue, voted in favor of the bill, only after specific changes were made.

In a written statement, Democrat Jim Costa said in part, "I am voting for HR 3962 because the choice of doing nothing was not an option."

And Democrat Dennis Cardoza said "This bill is a historic and national step forward and offers the greatest improvement to the quality of healthcare for all Americans since the creation of Medicare."

The new legislation is designed to provide health insurance to 96-percent of Americans. But, there are still more hurdles ahead.

And a senate vote may not happen until next year. We did try contacting Valley Congressman George Radanovich, who voted against the bill. His office has yet to release a statement.

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