Teen Suspect in Shooting of 12 on Furlough from JV Hall

FRESNO, Calif.

18-year-old Andy Nakhiengchanh is back in custody Friday night. A 17-year-old also confessed to his involvement in the shooting.

Andy Nakhienchanh was in custody when he was given a three day furlough to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Fresno Police say that's when the Southeast Asian gang member showed up at a party and opened fire on the crowd.

Fresno Police say 18-year-old Andy Nakhienchanh was one of 80 people who came to a party over Thanksgiving weekend.

The drinking ended abruptly when officers say an unwanted guest was attacked by a crowd of graffiti vandals. Seconds later the brawl became a spray of bullets.

Fresno Police /*Chief Jerry Dyer*/ said, "It was during this altercation, during this attack that one of the Southeast Asian gang members was inadvertently struck. Two of the Southeast Asian gang members Andy Nakhienchanh and a 17-year-old pulled out their 9mm handguns."

12 people were hit by gunfire; one young woman was struck several times in the torso but lived. Earlier this week when officers showed up at the door of the 17-year-old suspect, officers say he admitted his involvement in the crime.

Officer /*Paul Cervantes*/ said, "One particular weapon we have is the Browning 9mm and it had a high capacity magazine 15 rounds that was utilized by the 17-year-old minor ... by his own words he indicated that he emptied the clip."

In the past two weeks investigators have interviewed 60 people who attended the party ... they've spent 500 hours investigating and served numerous search warrants.

They've also recovered two guns and are still looking for another. Officers took Leonard Aragon into custody for having a shotgun with altered serial numbers. Police say Aragon is also a member of the graffiti group that threw the party.

Police Chief Dyer says the outcome could've been much worse, "It's very evident that these two individuals that opened fire in this area and fired into this crowd did not have a value for life and they did not care where those rounds went."

Andy Nakhienchanh has turned 18 now ... so he is in jail and charged with one count of attempted murder and 11 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The 17-year-old is facing the same charges.

Action News contacted the chief probation officer to ask about the furlough process and she says juvenile offenders earn privileges based on good conduct ... and toward the end of their commitment it is standard procedure to allow these furloughs.

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