Couple Victimized by Squatters Has Home Back

FRESNO, Calif. The Kings spent the day changing locks on the front door. They say their home was damaged by squatters, and because their insurance only covers homeowners--they could wind up paying thousands in repairs.

"It brings tears to my eyes," said Warren King.

King said these days he's a little less trusting after he and his wife let a technician and his partner move in with them-- then the King's were locked out. After three months of trying to get the squatters to leave King can now see the damage they left behind.

Animal feces can be seen on the carpet and floor--mini blinds in every room are broken and the wood burning stove was damaged. "It looks like it had a chimney fire in it," said King

King said George Davis and Nadine Willey moved out just before their eviction hearing in court.

King said although there were never tenants and never paid rent he had to go through the eviction process to get rid of them.

"The people living in their home did the type of scam job where they were served with a notice to move contested through the court and actually filed a restraining order against Mr. and Mrs. King," said realtor Sandy Moore.

Moore says the Kings have an interested buyer, but the condition of the home must meet their approval.

"The buyer has been waiting two months to see the house they made the offer on," said Moore.

There is still a lot of work to do--King says Davis and Willey dumped piles of debris from a tree trimming business in the backyard and odd items are missing inside.

"I had a kitchen table, a microwave cart. The shower head is gone," said King. "They took the door knob out I have no idea why."

He also has no idea where they've gone or if the squatters will pay for the missing items.

"I'm glad they're gone but if I ever see them, I'll sock them with a law suit," said King.

A law suit is what it will take to get money for damages--we talked with a legal expert who said the squatters are responsible, but the Kings have to take them to small claims court --and even if they win their case, that is still no guarantee they will pay.

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