Valley Braces for Frigid Night

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A woman named Susan says she and her partner would be sleeping in Courthouse Park if this place wasn't available. "This is much better than sleeping out in 29 degree weather. It's cold. I'm just glad they're open."

Out in the county, orange grower Keith Nilmeier won't be sleeping at all over night. He'll be watching the thermometer, and hoping his crop doesn't get too cold for too long. "I think we're probably going to look at the 28's out here on the flats."

Nilmeier says a light breeze will likely keep the air stirred up just enough to keep his crop from getting frost damage. "Hopefully we'll get through tonight things will moderate a little bit more tomorrow."

Those in the warming center and the hundreds more on the streets and in flimsy tents in Fresno's homeless encampments are also hoping it gets just a few degrees warmer.

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