Bankruptcy Strands Truckers

Fresno, California Driver Bill Morrison was hauling a load of lumber from Oregon to Arizona. He didn't know there was a problem until he tried to fuel up in Fresno. "I'm out of fuel; very disheartened about the situation they gave us no advance warning whatsoever. Nothing at all, just turned off our fuel cards, didn't tell us anything last night. Couldn't get fuel at all." Morrison said.

Morrison is from Phoenix. He is just one of 14 hundred drivers who lost their jobs when Arrow Trucking, suddenly closed its doors.

Florida Driver Rick Dolar is stuck in Oklahoma."Well, I'm stunned. I wish they would have given us some kind of warning. If they warned us we would have been more prepared. I live in my truck." Dolar said.

At company headquarters in Tulsa, a fleet of big tow trucks moved in, hauling off the company's repossessed rigs. Bill hasn't been told what to do with his truck. Even though he's no longer on the payroll he's trying to do what's right.

Bill Morrison: "Trying to deliver this load somehow. I've talked to the broker about maybe getting some money to get some fuel to deliver the load and get back home."

After dropping the load in Yuma, Bill hopes to be home with his family for Christmas...

"Wife, two children, four month old baby."

But it's not the Christmas he had planned.

Bill: "Disappointed. Very disappointed."

As it is Bill has relatives in Fresno, and is spending the night with them. He hopes to get gassed up and back on the road soon, and then, start looking for a new job.

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