Local Racer Chases his Dream

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"Just that feeling you get of knowing you want it. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

It's that pedal to the metal mentality that has Fresno's Justin Gald on the brink of race car stardom. Back when he was winning kart championships in Kerman almost a decade ago, Justin knew then he wanted to pursue a career in racing

At 19-years-old, Justin has spent almost half his life chasing his dream of someday making it on the Indy car circuit

A conversation with a pro driver this summer changed his life completely. Justin took his advice, dropped out of college and moved to Northern California just so he could live closer to a race track

"I told my mom and dad I'm packing up the car and moving to Infineon."

Justin admits life on his own for difficult at first

"I just went up there, lived in my car for 31 days and at one of the race shops for two weeks."

And this weekend is his chance to impress prospective race car owners. 35-drivers from five different countries will compete for the coveted prize of a fully funded season in the Jim Russell Series for 2010.

It goes without saying; this weekend could be the launching pad to a professional racing career for Justin.

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