Increased Security Measures at FYI Airport

FRESNO, Calif. Travelers said they've noticed the increased security measures. One specialist said expect those changes to last for sometime ... and while that seems to be ok with most ... some say the terrorists are getting what they want.

Long lines at airports and through security check points like this one at Fresno Yosemite International are part of the holiday bustle.

But lines are even longer this season. The Transportation Security Administration has clamped down on passenger safety measures after Friday's attempted terrorist attack aboard a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Gail Alexander from Seattle said, "Anything we can do to keep us safe we have to do."

Omaha, Nebraska's Craig Schmidt said, "I think it's great. Considering what just happened, internationally especially."

The T.S.A. and department of Homeland Security are trying to make security measures "unpredictable" across the U.S.

Depending on a domestic or international flight into the U.S., passengers could face limits in the number of carry-ons, more extensive searches at gates and new rules about movement on flights minutes before landing.

While most welcome the added security measures at airports, some believe they infringe on our personal freedoms, giving the terrorist exactly what they want.

Fresno's Dan Shiafair said, "They don't have to blow up a plane to accomplish their objective, they're doing it right here."

Dan Shiafair also said travel has become too difficult since 9-11.

Shiafair said, "We sacrifice liberty for security and at some point you got to say, 'let's attack this problem somewhere else.'"

"I've always gone by the saying, 'If you want good security, you have to be inconvenienced,'" said security expert Mike Spicer, who has over 30 years experience in the security industry.

Spicer said right now T.S.A. and Homeland Security are trying to figure out how this alleged terrorist managed to trick the system.

Spicer said, "As you see, what's going on, I don't care what airport it is, they're going to ramp up security and the reason their going to ramp it up is because they don't want anything to happen on their watch."

Longer waits at airports are expected. Airport officials still recommend arriving two hours before departure.

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