California Gas Prices Rising

January 10, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The cost of a tank of gas is going up pretty quickly in California, but the valley has some of the cheapest gas in the state.The Lundberg survey says prices are up 14 cents in the last three weeks.

In Fresno, AAA says regular gasoline goes for $3.03 a gallon, up 18 cents in the last month.

In Merced, it's $3.01, up 17 cents.

And in Visalia, it's $3.05, up 14 cents in a month.

People in all three cities are paying about a $1 gallon more than at this time last year.

Governor Schwarzenegger's budget proposal would cut the state's gas tax and lower prices at the pump, while also taking money away from public transit.