Update: Prop. 8 Federal Trial

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In the courtroom of Judge Vaughn Walker came the very first words from Plaintiff Attorney Theordore Olsen, "This case is about marriage and equality."

But before Olsen got much further in his prepared remarks, Judge Walker started peppering Olsen with questions.

"Should the state get out of the marriage business?"

"Why is marriage better than a domestic partnership?

"How have same sex couples experienced legal, not societal discrimination?"

In front of the Federal Building, anti-Proposition Eight forces rallied, hearing from public officials and gay and lesbian couples, including long-time couple Debbie Cote and Nancy Burns, who just want to be married.

"In the eyes of the law I think we're all equal. At least that's what we've learned all our life and that's what I like to believe; that's what I think this country is all about. So, for me it's just your basic fairness," said Prop. 8 opponent Debbie Cote.

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