"Flashes" of Color on Facebook

January 11, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
If you're a regular on the social networking site "Facebook" you may have noticed your female friends posting a color next to their name. The color refers to the color of their bra. The intent is to raise awareness for breast cancer. But there's some controversy over whether this "flash" of color is having a serious impact. For the most part women don't usually go around exposing the color of their bra to just anybody. But over the past week women all over the world have publicly confessed what color bra they're wearing on the internet. The "flashing frenzy" started a few days ago with a chain letter style message asking women to post the color of their bra in the name of breast cancer research.

Fresnan Jamie Ledezma said, "Rumor is it's a young woman in the U.K. ... and I don't think any of the details at this point really matter, as long as people are getting involved."

30-year-old Ledezma is a breast cancer survivor. She was just 14 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed. Today she works with the Fresno chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer. She's passionate about raising awareness for the disease. But when she first saw the Facebook postings she wasn't so sure it would help the cause.

Ledezma said, "I think young women in their teens and twenties have to develop a habit of doing self breast exams and by posting a color it might just trigger them that next morning in the shower to do a self breast exam."

35-year-old Fresnan Gail Fry is battling breast cancer right now. Fry said, "I have mixed feelings ... anything that is going to raise awareness for breast cancer, I'm all for -- we have to find a cure for this. But posting your bra color is not going to bring about money, bring about change or bring about a cure."

She's enjoyed the flashes of color posted by her friends ... but she has a more serious message for them.

Fry said, "It doesn't matter what color you're wearing as long as you're checking your breasts while you're checking your bra color."

There's no way to tell how many Facebook users have done self breast exams or signed up for mammograms ... but the Susan G. Komen Foundation said it's seen a huge increase in the number of Facebook fans ... and an increase in donations for breast cancer research.