Prop 8 Witness List Shrinks

January 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The Federal Trial over Proposition 8 will continue in San Francisco on Monday after wrapping up its first full week. On Friday - sponsors of Prop 8 announced they're shortening their witness list for next week.

Instead of six people, they'll only have two.

The lawyer for the sponsors of the proposition that bans gay marriage says their witnesses are worried about their safety.

"Their concern was the same that others have, that they will be targeted for retaliation, both professionally and personally," said Andrew Pugno, Yes on Prop 8.

The reason they withdrew those expert witnesses was not because of cameras, it was because they did not want to subject them to cross examination by David Boies," said Theodore Boutrous, No on Prop 8.

David Boies is the star attorney representing the "No on 8" side.

The trial is expected to last about another week.