Fresno Couple From Haiti

FRESNO, Calif. Although he has gotten word that some of his family members are safe, he fears others are still buried under the rubble.

After spending more than a month at his in-laws home in Northwest Fresno, Peterson Georges is leaving his wife, Sarah, and their newborn baby girl Taberah, and heading back home to Haiti.

"I'm going to start digging and help the people cleaning the houses but I just don't who will be under the cement. It could be my uncles, my aunts, my cousins," said Georges.

The couple had planned on giving birth to their daughter in Port Au Prince, the capital city devastated by Tuesday's massive earthquake.

But, at the time, their unborn baby was having health problems, so the couple decided to have her in Fresno, Sarah's hometown.

Saturday, four days after the quake, they didn't know if their apartment still stood.

But some encouraging news came early Saturday, when Peterson's younger sister called him on the phone.

"My sister Necee who works at the Montana hotel, the hotel that collapsed, flattened to the ground. She was actually in the hotel and god spared her life and she is safe," said Georges.

While Peterson is in Haiti, Sarah and their daughter will stay behind in Fresno for at least another month.

Still, they're all anxious to get back to their home, and introduce Taberah to her new home they have vowed to help rebuild.

"We're still set on going and whether the apartment is up or not, we'll find a way to go back."

"Yeah, we definitely need to start thinking about long term recovery right now."

Peterson says his immediate family, including his five brothers and sisters are all safe.

The ministry organization he and Sarah work for, Youth With a Mission helped pay for his flight back to Haiti.

He left for LAX Saturday night, and expects to be in Haiti by Monday.

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