Alpaugh Woman Loses Her Roof in the Storm

ALPAUGH, Calif. A 76-year-old woman was at home in her trailer when her roof blew off the house. Right now there is a tarp nailed down pretty good where the roof once was to try and keep her belongings that are inside intact.

For more than an hour firefighters and other volunteers who brought tarps, wood and other materials worked to cover the area where a roof once stood. 76-year old Bobbie Pearson was at home doing a puzzle and about to take a nap when she heard a loud noise. She looked outside and noticed her awning was missing.

"I thought maybe it went that a way because that's the way the wind usually blows but it didn't it went over the house and took off the roof as it went," said Bobbie Pearson.

Steven Bontrager, Pearson's grandson said, "We're just trying to put a tarp over it to get it keep the wind and the insulation from going everywhere just trying to keep the contents safe of the house."

Firefighters and volunteers from around Alpaugh came out to help Pearson, who's also known as "mom" to many in the Alpaugh community. It was the least they could do for a woman they say always helps those who need her.

She's pretty much you call her she'll be there take you to doctor or wherever you need to go she's here for everybody," said Bontrager.

"I love them so and they're always real good to me and when they know I'm in trouble they come right quick," said Pearson.

The 60-mile-per-hour wind also slammed the house next door, where Pearson's daughter and son-in-law live. A large tree, with power lines underneath, completely uprooted and fell on the corner of their house.

"A loud crash uh I thought it was thunder and my wife hollered what was that and I went out and looked thru the front window and see the tree lying in the front yard," said Mike Bontrager.

Bobbie Pearson will be staying with family until her roof is replaced.

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