Olivier Enters Fresno City Council Race

FRESNO, Calif. "My name is Clint Olivier. I am a husband, a father, a marine, and as of right now a candidate for City Council District 7."

Flanked by family and supporters, former news reporter Clint Olivier promised to fight to keep the neighborhoods in his district safe. He says that includes limiting cuts to police and fire department budgets.

But Olivier believes the city's biggest priority needs to be creating jobs.

"Economic development is number one. What we have to do is open up city hall and make it business friendly. You do that by eliminating red tape to make it easy to invest in our city to get people back to work again," said Olivier.

He's seeking election in the Central Fresno district currently represented by Henry T. Perea who's running for a State Assembly seat.

According to the Fresno County Elections Office, two other candidates have taken steps to enter the District 7 race. They are Marcelino Valdez and Izzy Einsidler.

Olivier worked as a freelance reporter for ABC 30 from August 2006 to January 2007. His wife Alisha is currently an ABC 30 employee.

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