Tulare gets outdoor air fresheners

Fresno People who live in this Tulare neighborhood can sum up the foul odor they smell daily as they step outside their houses.

"It smells like waste," said one resident.

"Really bad it doesn't smell good it smells like really bad manure," Joseph Regelado said.

The people live just a few blocks away from the city's wastewater treatment plant. And while living near the facility might come with obvious consequences. Residents here say over the last year or so the smelly conditions have gotten worse.

One family is even considering moving.

"It's hard because of the heat and everything and all the heat and when it steams on it and at night it rises and it's not really good for us," Regelado said.

The city of Tulare hopes these will help, developed by the green treatment company "Bioworld" these foggers shoot out odor neutralizers up to 30 feet in the air. 26 foggers are spread out over a field on the east side of the wastewater plant.

"It does a really good job of capturing those odors, causing those volatile molecules to sink out to the ground so your perception of the odor is gone," Don Damschen said.

The foggers are timed to spray for a minute straight every 15 minutes so they go off four times an hour.

They've only been in place for a week but city officials hope this field of air fresheners fixes the stinky problem for nearby residents.

"This is the first real test with an odor neutralizer -- we've tried lime before some other masking agents, not nearly as effective," said Richard Bono, Tulare Wastewater Director.

The only problem-- the foggers can't run and have to be covered up when it rains.

And neighbors say sometimes the overpowering smell returns at night or during foggy weather.

Officials aren't sure how long they'll continue to use Bioworld's foggers but hope it makes the air a little easier to breathe this year.

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