Murder leaves Fresno family feeling angry, betrayed

February 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
22 year old Lammone Yommarath was stabbed to death Saturday in an apartment he shared with his family at Efie and Sussex in central Fresno. The prime suspect, Gregg Webb, had been living with the family for the past few months. Yommarath's family members say the young man had befriended Greg Webb a few months ago and invited him into his family's home when Webb had nowhere else to go. "He thought he was a friend. We trusted him. That's why we let him live with us. But we never thought he was going to do that to him," said the victim's sister, Lena Yommarath.

Through tears, the victim's mother said she treated Webb like family. "Why'd he kill my son like this? My son did nothing? my son cooked for him, why'd he kill my son?" said Bangon Yommarath.

Fresno Police say Webb stabbed Yommarath to death Saturday. Family members say it happened as the two men were just hanging out in the apartment. They have no idea why Webb snapped but say they had gotten increasingly worried about his strange behavior and his fascination with knives. "He was looking out the window, scared that someone might come get him, like the CIA, or FBI, that's what he said. He was sharpening knives, he was always carrying knives around the waist," said Lena Yommarath.

After Saturday's stabbing, Webb disappeared in a stolen vehicle. He was arrested in Merced later in the evening after CHP officers pulled him over, suspecting he was driving under the influence. Only then did they find out the vehicle had been reported stolen and he was suspected of murder.