Unemployment & Health Insurance Extension in Limbo

Fresno, California Over 200-thousand people in California could be affected. For those receiving unemployment and healthcare benefits, the thought of being cut off is devastating.

The US Senate has been unable to reach agreement to continue federally funded unemployment benefits.

Workforce Connection in Central Fresno helps those seeking work.

Some people who've used up their state benefits but qualify for federal aid could see their last unemployment checks next month. Kevin White of Clovis said, "Landlords are not going to want to hear how oh, there are no more extensions. How do I tell my landlord or my other debtors?"

Unemployed people who depend on the Cobra Health Insurance subsidy are also in danger of losing their healthcare benefits.

Leatha Jones of Fresno said, "It would be difficult. It would be hard on me because I'm disabled and so with me being disabled and having hard times it's very hard."

Denham Resources helps place people in jobs. Kathy Bray says the uncertainty over unemployment benefits may make some people more focused on finding work.

Bray explained, "We call people for jobs and they turn them down because they're on unemployment and we'll say, gee, you're on unemployment. Isn't that gonna end? Well I'll wait and see."

Most though are desperate for a job and very worried about their future.

Edgar Pena said, "A lot of people are just afraid of not being able to make it. I mean, family and friends are all we have."

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky blocked the bill to extend the benefits but he refused to answer questions from ABC News.

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