Fresno Students and Teachers Protest Budget Cuts

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There were some serious verbal exchanges between students and Dean Paul Oliaro, but once he retreated to an inner office the students settled in. Music was blasting and while most were sitting, some were dancing. They said they came out of frustration over what's happening to education. Student Hector Cerda blamed administrators for not doing enough to fight for students and teachers.

"If there's been cuts, if fees are being raised, people are being laid off, fees being raised, and the budget isn't being passed something needs to be done about it." He said.

Recent Fresno State graduate Josh Cranston said administrators throughout the system were to blame.

"We're getting more and more administrators. They're getting paid more and more. We really need to take back the University. It should be run by students, faculty and staff." He said.

The sit in ended just before 10 ... students chanted as they left the building.

Despite the disruption, the Dean of Students, Dr. Paul Oliaro said he understood where the students were coming from.

"I think it certainly demonstrates the level of frustration to some students with the conditions they are facing with the budget cuts that have affected Fresno State as well as the rest of the CSU. They are looking for ways to express that and this was one of the ways."

Students say they hope this is the start of a new wave of student activism.

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