Fresno man attempts to dump dead body

FRESNO, Calif. It happened this morning outside an apartment complex on Olive and Jackson.

"The body was right there in between that white car and the curb."

Annette Hernandez says she was disturbed Saturday morning when she woke up and discovered a dead body in front of her East Central Fresno apartment.

"But it's gonna be a vision in my mind. I won't forget it. It's something I won't forget."

Fresno Police say just before 8 a.m., someone reported seeing a man wheeling another man's body in a shopping cart, then try to move the victim into a nearby dumpster.

This man, who calls himself Miguel, says the person wheeling the cart, asked for his help.

"The guy asked me if I could help him because it was kinda heavy in the trash can. And I said, I'll be right back for someone to help us."

Miguel called 911.

When investigators arrived, the suspect was still outside trying to dump the body.

"At this time, the individual has been detained. We have detectives on scene, and our detectives are questioning the person trying to find out exactly what happened."

Investigators won't say how the man died. But witnesses tell Action News he had obvious signs of trauma.

They say the victim and the suspect are both middle-aged men who live nearby.

"My home is here and just to have that happen with the dumpster we use all the time to get rid of our stuff. Something like that is just unthinkable."

This is the 11th homicide in Fresno this year. Last year at this time, there were six.

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