Home Invasions in Livingston & Modesto, Gold Jewelry Stolen

LIVINGSTON, Calif.                   |   Watch Video Above for Extended Coverage   |

Investigators said four men came to a house in Livingston and told the woman who lives there they were interested in renting a trailer in the back of the property.

Once they were inside, they tied her up and stole what she says was tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold jewelry before driving away.

Just about two hours earlier, police in Modesto said three armed men forced their way into a home there and tied up the residents before robbing them and taking off.

Authorities from different Valley agencies say they're working together to determine if any of the recent robberies are connected. And they're also encouraging residents to be aware.

These latest two home invasion robberies follow four others this week. One in Kerman, one near Selma, one in South Atwater, and one in Southwest Fresno.

In each of those cases, the robbers forced their way into the victims' homes and tied them up.

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