Witness in Woodley Murder Trial Claims She Was Asked to Lie

FRESNO, Calif.

The defense is trying to connect so-called "mystery man", Dallas Mossey, to key prosecution witness Jeff Rancour. But the witness they called Tuesday denied knowing Rancour and said she was encouraged to lie.

Michelle Williams was clearly uncomfortable on the witness stand, rocking back and forth and asking the judge to keep us from showing her as she testified. She admitted to using meth just before police arrested her on Sunday.

The defense called her to connect the dots between her ex-boyfriend, Dallas Mossey, and Rancour.

Rancour is an admitted meth dealer who is the only person who says he was there when Phillip Woodley killed Roy and Angie Woodley in 2005. But when attorney Eric Green asked Williams on the witness stand about Rancour, she shocked the court with an accusation.

"I was asked to lie, yes," Williams said.

"By whom?" asked Green.

"By Shelly Waters, Natalie's niece," Williams replied.

"You mean Natalie, my secretary?" Green asked.

"Yes," said Williams.

Williams said she got a free place to stay in exchange for helping Phillip Woodley's case.

"She just told me that you were representing somebody that was supposed to be, something about if they could prove Dallas had anything to do with, that you would get off," Williams testified.

Dallas Mossey's DNA was found underneath Roy Woodley's fingernails, but the coroner admits that could've been because of cross-contamination.

Mossey died the night before the Woodleys were found and he was autopsied right before Roy Woodley. But last year, Williams became a key to the defense's case when she claimed Mossey probably bought drugs from Rancour.

Now, she's flipped her story upside-down and the defense says her accusations were a ploy to do the same to their case.

"I don't know what she's talking about, but she gave it a heck of a go," said Green.

The prosecution has asked several witnesses if there was any contact between Rancour and Mossey and they've all denied it.

Wednesday, they'll use phone records to bolster those denials.

Closing arguments are then set for Thursday.

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