Dramatic toxic waste debate in Kettleman City

KETTLEMAN CITY, Calif. Dozens of residents showed up at the Kettleman City Elementary School to hear the latest on the investigation into whether toxic emissions caused a series of birth defects in the area.

Thursday night's meeting was organized by the California Department of Public Health. Several health officials were on hand to answer questions and talk about the next step in their investigation.

It comes just one week after the Waste Management facility was cited for the improper storage of chemical materials.

"We need to research and find out what's going on. Not meeting after meeting. We need to do something now!" said resident Guadalupe Alatorre.

"We're trying to develop a final questionnaire that we can use to speak directly to the families and see if there's something similar between them and if we can ultimately find some answers," said Al Lundeen with the California Department of Public Health.

The State Department of Health will interview affected families next week. Residents in Kettleman City are planning a rally in June.

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