Tulare's Galaxy Theater Unveils "D-Box Motion Seats"

TULARE, California Starting Friday, the Tulare Galaxy Theater will unveil its "D-Box Motion Seats." It's basically a two-hour in-theater amusement ride that only enhances an action-packed or scary movie.

Crews finished constructing two rows of D-Box Motion Seats inside Tulare's Galaxy Theater. These special seats let viewers experience each vibration, circular motion and jolt forward.

General Manager A.J. Taylor and his staff tested out the new technology by watching "Nightmare on Elm Street."

"People were throwing up their popcorn and jumping and screaming it was amazing," said Taylor.

Tulare's Galaxy Theater is one of 27 movie theaters worldwide featuring this new technology.

Taylor said, "It just brings a completely new element to the movie experience you can feel everything when something happens in the movie it actually happens to you in your seat."

D-Box Technologies says it takes engineers up to 500 hours to develop the software that controls the movements for each movie. The special effect is created by what D-Box calls "motion actuators."

Guy Marcoux with D-Box Technologies said, "Literally electromechanical discs that sit underneath the seat that creates those motion or replicates those motion effects that we've created."

The special red seats cost an extra eight-dollars on top of the ticket price and are activated by theater employees, so moviegoers can't sneak into them. Once you're in the seat, viewers can adjust how strong they want the movements to be.

People who tried out the demo in the theater's lobby were mixed on the extra cost but raved about the option.

Tulare resident, Peggy Castellanoz said, "I think it's great! I mean it moves you and everything with the picture gets you more into it!"

Tulare resident, Steven Correia said, "Thought it was very interesting, see how it's going to have an effect on an action packed movie."

People with neck or back injuries, heart conditions or who are pregnant -- are not recommended to get in these seats.

The special seats will first be used with "Nightmare on Elm Street", later next month "Prince of Persia" and more movies throughout the year.

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