Consumer Reports: Best Gas Grills

FRESNO, Calif. Noe Mayotte considers himself to be the "king of the grill."

"I love grilling because you're outside. You can enjoy the weather. You can enjoy the sunshine."

Noe swears by his charcoal grill, but far more people are buying gas grills these days. Consumer Reports has tested almost 50. The grills ranged in price from as little as $130 up to nearly $2,200.

Flare-ups can be a big concern. Testers evaluate a grill by cooking rib-eye steaks. They look for Flare-ups when turning over the steaks, as well as when the steaks are done.

"We also have our testers evaluate how evenly the grills cook both on low settings and high settings," said Celia Lehrman with Consumer Reports.

Testers use sensors to record the temperature across the grill's cooking surface. A computer analyzes the results. The $800 Team Grill Patio Series Pro didn't do well. "It probably seems like a great idea to be able to get a grill that's all decked out with your favorite team's logos. Unfortunately, we found it cooked unevenly," said Celia Lehrman.

The 27-inch basic Solaire grill didn't cook evenly either, and it costs $1,800!

In the end, Consumer Reports found several best buys for far less. Among them, the Grillmaster from Lowe's for $200, and from Walmart, the Uniflame grill for $250. Taking a smaller bite out of your wallet will leave you with a little more money to put toward the food.

When it comes to extra features, apparently a side burner is worth having according to the grill owners Consumer Reports surveyed. Both of the recommended grills have one.

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