Two Men Stabbed to Death in Madera

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They found the bodies of two men in the converted garage of the home. Police Sgt. Robert Salas said it appeared the two men had been stabbed to death. He described it as a "Gruesome, gruesome, gruesome" scene. A man believed to have been a roommate of the dead men is in custody and is considered a possible suspect. Police say it appeared that several people shared the home.

Neighbors told us there are many farm workers renting rooms in the house. Police allowed one of the residents in to collect clothing. He spoke limited English and could tell us only that what happened inside was "Very, very bad."

As of midnight Friday, Madera Police were waiting for investigators from the State Department of Justice to bring their mobile crime scene lab from Fresno to the location

Names of the dead men and the possible suspect have not been released.

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