Twin Scholars

PORTERVILLE, Calif. 18-year-old twins Joey and Jordan McIntyre are just days away from graduating high school. Joey will finish with a 4.2 GPA. Jordan ... a 4.0.

The Porterville High School seniors say they've spent the past four years working hard. And it's paid off to the tune of $100 thousand apiece.

Joey and Jordan are the recipients of the California Preeminent Scholarship ... a prestigious award that has never been won by two students from the same school.

They were chosen from an initial pool of more than 117,000 seniors. And qualifying was tough. The requirements included two years in a lead or first chair person in performing arts, a minimum of three sports all four years and a 3.75 GPA.

Both play saxophone in their school's band, and participate in a number of sports, including basketball, football and water polo. They're also active in the community and in the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints.

The boys' father, who adopted them from a broken home when they were just 15 months old ... says he and his wife couldn't be more proud. "If you're waiting to get lucky, you're just kind of wasting your time. You just gotta make your own luck and working hard, makes you luckier."

Whether it's practicing basketball on their at-home indoor court or staying up late studying, these brothers say there's no secret to their success.

All it takes is focus and determination ... something they'll bring with them next year as they embark on a new adventure at UCLA ... one of 12 schools including Harvard ... they were accepted to.

After graduation, the twins are playing with their band at Carnegie Hall. They'll then spend the rest of the summer working at their father's business before moving into the UCLA dorms.

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