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FRESNO, Calif. Sweet potatoes planted in April have not grown as rapidly as usual because of a lack of heat units or warm temperatures.

The sweet potato council of California expects farmers to plant more acreage this year than they did last.

But, harvest will start later than average because the potatoes are growing slower in the cool weather.


California dairy producers will soon appear on a television near you with the debut of the California milk advisory board's "family farms" advertising campaign.

The campaign includes nine 30 second commercials featuring real California dairy families sharing their personal stories and love for dairy farming.

The advisory board wants people to know there's a family dairy farm behind every glass of milk, piece of cheese, scoop of ice cream and pat of butter you purchase.

The commercials are already airing.

Among the dairies featured are the Tony Martin dairy in Hanford and Airosa dairy in Tulare.


Agricultural research service scientists and cooperators have detected more than 700 genes that give microbes like salmonella and E. coli the ability to resist antibiotics and other antimicrobial compounds.

The researchers used advanced d-n-a technology to find the resistance genes in a wide variety of bacteria that can cause food poisoning

Researchers are worried some bacteria strains have developed a genetic resistance to the antibiotics that kill them.

Finding resistant gene is an important step for scientists looking for new ways to control the bacteria that cause food-borne illness.

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