World Cup fever breaks out in the Valley

Fresno, CA

Six-year-old Adam Enos of Fresno is geared up for the 2010 World Cup. He has his favorite player picked out, and a new Jersey to show his support.

Another fan who isn't shy about showing pride for his favorite team is Kevin Botterill. He was born in England and now coaches women's soccer at Fresno State.

Botterill is looking forward to introducing his young sons to their first World Cup ... especially Saturday's match-up between England and the USA.

"You know every four years, every Englishman has a dream we're going to win it for the first time since 1966 so, until we get crushed again like we have for the last thirty years, we're hoping to lift the trophy by the end of the month," said Botterill.

The World Cup comes around every four years. And soccer enthusiasts say peoples' interest in this year's event has grown, especially in the U.S. ... thanks in large part to a winning team.

In the Valley ... that means bars will open early for games ... and sporting good stores will be swamped.

David Gregorio and his family own Pro Soccer in Northeast Fresno. They sold out of all their USA jerseys this week, at a price of $70.00 a pop.

"The U.S. has been playing well and soccer is becoming bigger and bigger, so I think all that stuff tied together has been helping. It's getting more and more popular," said Gregorio.

He and other soccer fans hope even when the World Cup ends next month ... people's enthusiasm for the sport will continue.

The World Cup final is July 11th.

Analysts say it could be the most watched sporting event ever.

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