Fresno State students can look for a bigger bill for fall

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno state's campus was quiet for most of the day partly because this is the last state mandated furlough day of the year, trustees say this increase is to avoid a second year of furloughs.

CSU trustees voted 10 to 2 in favor or raising student fees beginning in the fall. Fresno State Student Body President Pedro Ramirez is worried about what that means for fellow students.

"There are others in the middle class who do not qualify for financial aid that will be cut out or pushed out," Ramirez said.

With a 5 percent hike in tuition, fees will go up $204 to $4,230 a year for undergraduates, those working towards a teaching credential will see a $234 increase and graduate students, $252.

The board also approved a 10 percent increase for those in doctorate programs, raising their yearly costs by nearly $900.

"I think it's quite unfortunate - long term effects," Cesar Sanchez said.

Board members who voted to raise student fees said $100 million in additional revenue is needed to avoid a second year of campus furloughs.

"Personally I had furlough days, I had some classes dropped," Ramirez said.

However the 5 percent increase will only raise half of those funds. Trustees voted down a 10 percent increase because of a California budget proposal to pay the remaining $50 million with matching state funds.

"We did dodge a bullet for now later on in November it could be possible they come back and ask for more," Ramirez said.

If the assembly fails to make good on that pledge, the board says revisiting another fee hike this fall is not out of the question.

The fall semester begins on August 17, current fees are due July 30. Additional fees from the 5 percent increase will have a different deadline, and should be due around the beginning of September.

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